The Courts of Heaven
Granting God the Legal Right to Fulfill His Passion and Answer Our Prayers

We have brought over 50 people in the church into the Courts of Heaven and addressed their personal generational sins, curses, demonic strongholds, and got them set free.

We operate in the following Courts of Heaven:

Courts of Accusations
Courts of Council
Courts of War
Courts of Angels

​We offer handouts that we share with others who want to learn this ministry. We have personally developed these handouts based on our own experiences the last four years by way of revelation from God. Just email [email protected] for any handout of interest. 

This is a very delicate and intimate ministry that we conduct with full confidentiality, and are very cautious and deliberate to respect each person who we assist. We are not interested in a "facebook" platform, so please respect our approach. We also bring additional teaching for deliverance fully integrated with the Courts of Heaven which has been a tremondous blessing for everyone we minister to and their families. Our approach has immediate success in one or two sessions that benefit entire bloodlines across all generations.

Personal Testimony
Getting set free from curses

Renew Your Mind
Abraham Promises / The Word

Strong Man Spirits
Getting delivered from Controlling Spirits

Your God Given Destiny
How to activate one's destiny in God

How to Operate in the Courts of Heaven

Support Scriptures