About Us

William "Scott" Sullenberger started Glory of Zion NH in September of 2014. He has been studying under Chuck Pierce and Dr. Robert Heidler for the past 15 years and has initiated gatherings for both personal and business environments.

Glory of Zion is based in Denton Texas and they have birthed new gatherings in over 150 different countries with tremendous impact and success. Gatherings allow for ministry to take place on a personal basis and serve as the foundation of church activity. What churches cannot do in their services, we do on Saturday's with no time constraints. We are here to compliment the church in all denominations.

GOZ is also about reintroducing the Jewish feasts and offerings celebrated in the early church. We are here to recover the Jewish roots of the early church for a fullness of blessings that God intended for all believers. We also provide a real-time platform for Five-Fold ministry discipleship here in New Hampshire.

Scott is a New York Life agent and delivers life insurance solutions for workplace employees. He is very involved with market place ministry and values the work place as a major role in God's overall plan for salvation here on earth.